MINI LEELA BLOSSOM – A flower of eternal beauty

Flowers have always represented femininity. They inspire poems, fragrances, paintings and photos. To list all artists seduced by flowers is to trace the history of art itself, or rather, the history of all arts. From Classical sculptors to the stars of contemporary art, from Van Gogh’s sunflowers to Monet’s water lilies, from the poems of Ronsard to Japanese engravings and the delicate bouquet of rosa “Ispahan”, flowers of all kinds have aroused fascination throughout human history. They can be found in gardens, museums and libraries. Flowers symbolise a love that is endlessly renewed.

In response to their evocative allure, CENTURY has created a smaller version of LEELA BLOSSOM. Its delicate petals sculpted in 18 ct. gold glisten with 162 diamond dew drops, enhancing each of the 72 facets of the CENTURY sapphire case.

It is a timepiece created specially for a passionate woman whose wondrous gaze penetrates an expanse of mysterious light. Time stands still for an instant, allowing beauty to blossom. The woman is granted the freedom to guess all the promises encapsulated in every second of her lifetime.

With the MINI LEELA BLOSSOM, CENTURY pays a vibrant tribute to the most exquisite treasures of the plant kingdom. The flower is a constant presence in the history of the Manufacture, and is celebrated here in a sophisticated and innovative form, combining the best of CENTURY’s expertise – including the NACRILITH technique that seals a delicate layer of mother-of-pearl between two pieces of CENTURY sapphire – with the infinitely romantic stories associated with this gem of nature. The MINI LEELA BLOSSOM is part of the prestigious TEMPTATION collection by CENTURY.