AFFINITY GOLD – Time to treasure

The ever timeless and discretely luxurious AFFINITY now comes in a rectangular case in 18 ct. yellow gold – a first. Its fresh radiance rejuvenates the legend surrounding this iconic timepiece, which has now acquired an aura of a jewellery myth.

Gold and diamonds: this is the new equation of the AFFINITY.

FIRST CLASS – The only way to travel

The latest in the CONTEMPORARY TIMEPIECE collection dedicated to watches for everyday wear, FIRST CLASS reveals new facets of its decidedly unique character.

Its flowing lines emanate a timeless elegance and a sense of power, evoking the impressive currents of the world’s great rivers such as the Amazon, the Saint Lawrence and the Nile.

PRIME TIME Skeleton – A coloful celebration of time

The iconic PRIME TIME collection by CENTURY combines pure lines with an everyday sportiness. Three new models in vivid, eye-catching colours have now enlivened this version equipped with a self-winding skeleton movement.